Duplo Features

Extend Cloud to the Edge

Extend public Cloud services from multiple clouds to any edge device, any platform or even on-premise datacenters, in a proprietary, secure manner.

Bot Driven

Built with a rules engine and AI, the duplo bot can auto-generate infrastructure configuration based on developer needs without manual scripts or templates.

Any Architecture

Micro-services or Monliths; Native servers, Docker or serverless; Linux or Windows, choose your own architecture.


Build your application topology that includes native cloud services like S3, Dynamo, Azure tables etc. Deploy containers on cloud servers. Run tests. Then with a click move the same application as-is to devices. Rerun tests and go live.


We create multi-tenant environment where each tenant's resouurces are isolated and managed independetly from other. Per tenant user access, billing, audit trails and single sign on makes managing the platform a no-op.

Plugin Ecosystem

We slice logs, metrics, audit trails, billing and similar aspects per application and bring it within the tenant workspace by integrating with third party tools.

Product Offerings


Get a secure slice from our AWS Account

Signup and start deploying applications

Try for Free - $100 of AWS Usage


Installs in your AWS account

Developer Self service

Devops maintain full control


DuploCloud's capability of extending public cloud services to our edge devices led to their fundamental transformation into the intelligent edge. These were originally written in a server-client architecture design where the core capabilities of the public cloud were limited to the server with a dumb edge.

Priya Balaji

CEO, GCurv
The DuploCloud platform has enabled a complete self-driving AWS infrastructure for Zenefits Microservices. Developers make hundreds of changes a week to AWS for their applications through the software.

Zafar Abbas

VP of Engineering, Zenefits

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